Josh Alford


Josh Alford leads our SPF team having come from an outside sales and distribution background. Partnerships are the foundation of our build and growth in our SPF business unit, and Josh is now teaming with major producers in the west and in the east to bring value to our customers with:

  • Timely market information
  • Daily opportunities to purchase market values
  • Logistical support needed to complete the trade

We trade SPF out of both the west, and the east as well as Douglas Fir and Hem Fir offerings in all dimensions:

  • 2 x 4 through 2 x 12: random length tallies and/or specified length shipments both by rail and by truck.
  • We trade all grades of dimension product including Premium, High Line, A grade, MSR, #2 and better, #3, #4 and economy.
  • All stud grade and/or #2 grade stud products in 8ft., 9ft. and 10ft. trims. Additionally, we trade contractor grade, finger-joint products, trim-backs and web-stock stud products.